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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal; how does it work?

Laser hair removal is, along with electrical and pulsed light, a method of definitive hair removal. Light is absorbed through melanin (a pigment which colors hair). It then passes through the epiderma without any damages and is captured by hair cells melanin. Laser light is then changed into heat, and hair roots are destroyed. Thus our target is the melanic pigment of hair.

Is it efficient ?

The answer is a resounding YES! We now have more than 10 years of practice with laser hair removal. Clinical studies have been performed for more than seven years. We can even treat very dark skin tones.

In order to reach optimal efficiency with intense pulsed light, several factors must be taken into account:
  • Indications : people with blond, white or very fine hair, (down) don't respond well to treatment. A possible hormonal problem will be evaluated during the initial consultation. In fact, 5% don't respond well and this is usually linked to hormonal conditions.
  • Treatment protocol must be respected. During the initial consultation, you will be informed about the time interval between sessions; it is essential that you conform to it because it takes into account hair growth cycles.

What results should I expect?

After Laser Hair Removal treatment, 80 to 95% of hair don't grow back and the remainder will be thinner and lighter. There is a 5 to 10% failure rate but it is usually linked to a hormonal problem which will be evaluated during the initial consultation.

Laser Hair Removal, is it without risks?

During and after laser hair removal treatment, the skin must not have been exposed to the sun nor to ultra violet rays of suntanning booths fifteen days prior to treatment and seven days after a laser session. Do not apply self tanning lotion seven days prior to treatment. Tanning resulting from an accumulation of melanin in the skin may capture the light aimed at hair melanin. This can lead to reduced treatment efficiency or burns with darker or lighter secondary spots. This change in skin coloration is always transitory but it can last for months!

How does it feel?

A very bearable tickling, comparable to a small tingling followed by a sensation of heat.

Before the laser session

On your body, the best thing is to shave prior to the session. On your face, its best to crop your hair with scissors, or leave it if its not your habit to do so. During the preceeding month, avoid wax or tweezer hair removal, or any other method of hair extraction. Indeed, during treatment melanin must be present within the hair follicle.

After the Laser Hair Removal Session

Generally speaking, the treated skin area remains pinkish during the next two hours. Sometimes, it can stay somewhat inflammated for a few days: slight reddishness, heightened sensibility, and, exceptionnally, small scabs. We suggest you apply aloe gel. We strongly advise against exposition to the sun until the skin is back to its usual state

7 to 15 days after the session

Treated hair will come up to the surface and then will fall off the skin. If they delay falling off, you can shave them.

2 to 3 weeks after Laser Hair Removal

No more hair for several weeks. A certain amount of hair will be destroyed but those that were not growing during treatment will grow synchronously after one or two months. They will all appear at the same time. That's the signal for another treatment.

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