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Here at last! A real alternative to liposuction for getting rid of fatty cells, toning up musclesand plumping up the skin.

Liposuction without surgery!

Amazing results

The combined effects of lipocavitation and electrostimulation treatments are visible right from the first session. Believe it or not, it is possible to lose between 2 to 5 cm of your circumference no matter which area of your body you wish to treat.

These amazing results add up with each session ! Imagine your silhouette after 10 sessions ?

Do you know of any other treatment that delivers a slimming of one or two sizes with no sweat? The elimination of flabby thighs? The resculpturing of the waistline? The removal of fat lodged on the tummy or the arms ?

How to sculpt and tone up your body without pain and effort

At Clinique Laser Zone, we use two principles whose combination is unique et revolutionary : lipocavitation and electrostimulation. These techniques propose efficient and durable solutions to act against cellulite (capiton), localized body fat and waste of muscle tone.
What is lipocavitation ?
This technique is simple and well-tried : ultrasounds destroy the fatty cells, thereby expelling the fat they contain, which drains through natural processes (urine). Goodbye cellulite, unwanted fatty heaps and lack of muscle tone !

What is electrostimulation ?
Electrostimulation provides a double effect:
1. Localized muscular firming up.
2. Firming up of tissues and a betterment of skin softness and elasticity.

Soins du Corps

Soins du Corps

Soins du Corps

Soins du Corps How is the treatment ?

The length of each session may vary depending on the treated areas, but the treatment usually takes at least one hour and a half per session.
1. 40 minutes of lipocavitation to (litterally) melt cellulite or fatty heaps.
2. 25 minutes of electrostimulation or transion for full firming up of the treated zone.
3. 15 minutes of isogei electrostimulation to provide lymphatic draining for enhanced skin tone.

For maximum elimination, you should :
  • Drink 1.5 liter of water before and after a session,
  • Avoid eating 1 h 30 before and after a session,
  • Space seven days between each session.

There are no specific contraindications, although it is best to advise against treatment :
  • Pregnant women,   • Anyone with a pacemaker,prosthesis or metal plaques,   • Anyone with hepatic problems (liver), or with a high count of triglycerides.


Where does the fat go ?
Melted cellulite leaves the body through natural processes. More specifically, it is eliminated by the body (liver and kidneys) just like a big meal. Does it last ?
Yes, if you follow up with a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

What are the side effects ?
There are no side effects, except possible slight nausea after the treatment.

Which areas can be treated ?
The thighs, the waistline, the tummy, the back, the arms, the hips, fatty heaps. Only one requirement: to have a minimum of 1.5 cm of fat to get rid of.

Will I lose weight on the scales ?
You should not necessarily count on the scales to witness the results. You will be able to measure your progress as soon as you put on your clothes. Indeed, the more the treatment progresses the more comfortable you will feel in your jeans. You will even experience a decrease of up to two garment sizes.

How many sessions ?
Although the effects are visible right from the first session, you should count on 10 treatments for optimum results.

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